Sunflower Kernel Market Enters Off-Season Amid Price Declines in Dalian

Sunflower Kernel Market Enters Off-Season Amid Price Declines in Dalian

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Transition to Off-Season Market

Exporters have reported that the sunflower kernel market in Dalian has shifted into the off-season as temperatures gradually rise, leading to a decline in prices. Traders are exercising caution in purchasing activities, particularly due to the challenges posed by storage during the summer months, which are prone to pest infestations. As a result, exporters are adopting an on-demand purchasing strategy to mitigate risks.

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Market Dynamics and Export Challenges

The market is experiencing the impact of the European raw material price advantage, which is influencing China’s export market for sunflower kernels. Traders are facing storage difficulties exacerbated by the summer conditions, making them more vigilant in their procurement strategies. This cautious approach is contributing to the overall decline in prices in the Dalian sunflower kernel market.

Current Prices in Tianjin and Dalian

This week, the reference prices for sunflower kernels have been observed in the key trading hubs of Tianjin and Dalian.

  • Confectionary grade sunflower seeds, when delivered in either Tianjin or Dalian, have been priced between US$1,370 to US$1,400 per tonne.
  • Meanwhile, bakery grade sunflower seeds are priced in the range of US$1,350 to US$1,380 per tonne.

The transition to the off-season in the sunflower kernel market in Dalian has led to a decline in prices, with exporters adopting cautious purchasing strategies amidst rising temperatures and storage challenges. The influence of European raw material prices and the cautious approach of traders are key factors contributing to the current market dynamics. Stay updated on market trends and seasonal changes to navigate potential fluctuations in prices effectively.

Current Market Price in Fob Tianjin, China for sunflower kernel

Product  Name

Chinese Sunflower kernel

Moisture10% max
ConfectionUSD 1370-1400/mt – EURO 1271-1299/mt
BakeryUSD 1350-1380/mt – EURO 1252-1280/mt
Loading17mt /20GP
Package25kg paper bag
Delivery20 days after the contract