Increased Sowing in Gujarat: The Surge in Fennel Cultivation

Increased Sowing in Gujarat: The Surge in Fennel Cultivation Gujarat's Remarkable Over 162% Increase in Fennel Production

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Unprecedented Growth in Fennel Sowing

The fennel market is witnessing a significant shift, primarily driven by a surge in cultivation in Gujarat, India. This season, the sowing of fennel has astonishingly surpassed previous records, showing an increase of over 162%. Such an unprecedented rise in production has led to a notable dip in the wholesale prices of fennel.

This development in Gujarat, a major fennel-producing state, can be attributed to favorable conditions and the attractiveness of fennel as a crop in the current season. Consequently, the wholesale market has reacted with a price decline. The specific varieties of fennel, including sif, moti ordinary, and narink ordinary, have seen their prices fall to about USD 240-288 per quintal (approximately €2,20-2,64 per kg), marking a considerable drop.

The increase in fennel sowing in Gujarat is evident across its major producing regions. In areas like Kutch, which is known for its ease of fennel cultivation, there has been a phenomenal rise in the sowing area. Similarly, Saurashtra has emerged as another productive zone, with fennel cultivation increasing by 177% compared to the last season.

The Influence of Export Demand on Fennel’s Market Future

Despite the current decrease in market prices, the outlook for fennel remains positive, buoyed by strong export figures. The international demand for fennel has been robust, suggesting a healthy market in the near future. This export-oriented demand is expected to play a crucial role in shaping the market, potentially leading to price stabilization or even increases.

In summary, the fennel market is undergoing a major transformation due to increased production in Gujarat. The current trend of falling prices in response to the surge in sowing is an important aspect of this change. However, the promising export figures point to a strong market potential in the upcoming season, indicating that the current dip in prices may be temporary.

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