Pistachios Iran: market remains strong

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TEHRAN – At the beginning of the seasons, there were good expectations of the Pistachio crop in Iran. Therefore, Pistachio prices were lower at the beginning of the season.

However, sudden snowfall damaged almost 70% of the in-shell pistachio crop. Thus, there are no arrivals left at major Iran markets due to less production.

At the beginning of the season, prices were lower and quoted between USD 8.09 – 8.43/kg, which increased at USD 10.79 – 11.13/kg, and despite the higher rates, trading remains strong.

According to importers, due to the lower quantity at the local markets, the quotations will remain strong at a higher price. However, buying was reduced by about 50% this time due to the Corona Pandemic, but now, as the lockdown restrictions have been removed, demand has started improving. On another side, the festival season is also coming. Therefore, if the demand remains the same or rises in the coming days, prices will remain at a high level or increase even more.

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