Turbulence in White Sesame Market: Anticipating Price Decline

Sesame Seed Market Is Expected To Become Bearish In The Coming Days

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There is an increase in the stock of Sesame seed, and the demand is low. The lack of demand in domestic and international markets puts pressure on the price. It is expected that in the coming days, the pressure will continue. As a result, the price is likely to drop by $0,07 to $0,09 per kg.

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Current Situation

Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh have more than enough stock. As a result, according to experts, there is no chance of the market going appreciative any time soon.

One of the primary reasons believed to have caused the price to go south for Sesame in India is the decrease in the export demand since the cost of African sesame is going down in the market.

A new crop has arrived in the market for the last four months, but the crop’s price in Gwalior is down to the price mentioned above. Earlier, the produce was sold for $1,62 per kg.


Market experts believe that the stockists are stuck with high-priced sesame seeds and will suffer losses in the coming days. This is mainly because the demand for Indian sesame will continue to be low in the international market due to the higher price than other sesame-producing countries.

As a result, the price of sesame seed will stay bearish and go further down.

Price Trend as on February 14

Sesame Natural Sortex 99.95%

Date Price
February 14$1,64 per kg FOB
February 7$1,64 per kg FOB
January 31$1,65 per kg FOB

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