Stability in Millet Prices Reflect Weak Downstream Demand

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Market Overview

This week, millet prices remained stable in Dalian as downstream demand continued to show weakness. Grain merchants operated sluggishly, marking an end to the recent market price increase in purchases. The lack of upward momentum in millet prices persists, largely influenced by the dominance of supply in driving price changes.

Supply Dynamics

Currently, supply stands as the primary factor shaping grain prices. Looking ahead to the next week, farmers’ reluctance to sell or continued hesitancy may prevail, contributing to slow loading at the grassroots level. With limited supply in the circulation chain, the trajectory of millet prices is anticipated to remain relatively stable.

Market Outlook

In the upcoming period, close attention will be paid to the shifts in farmers’ mindset regarding the sale of millet ahead of the spring planting season. The market landscape hinges on the delicate balance between supply dynamics and demand sentiments, which will dictate the trajectory of millet prices in the coming days.

Current Market Price in FOB China for Chinese hulled millet

Product Name

Chinese Hulled Millet

Moisture10% max
Package25kg paper bag
Conventional FOB DalianUSD 1160-1190/mt – EURO 1075-1103/mt
Organic     FOB DALIANUSD 1220-1250/mt -EURO  1131-1159/mt
Delivery25 days after the signing of the contract