India: Steady To Low Sentiment For Commodities On The First Week Of November

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With most spot markets closed for the Diwali festival, the sentiment for commodities was steady to low. Most of the varieties stayed stable thought the week.


Cumin prices remained steady though the festive season failed to pick up the price compared to last year. But overall, there was no rush to sell the crops by the farmers or traders during this period.

Total Arrival 

Across India during the week, the arrival was about 844.93 tonnes, with a maximum from Gujarat standing at 573.98 tonnes.


13,000 bags in Unjha Market and 2,300 bags in Rajkot.


Cumin A Grade 99% Pure

November 3$2,080 per kg FOB
October 27$ 2,089 per kg FOB

Cumin A Grade 98% Pure

November 3$2,000 per kg FOB
October 27$ 2,006 per kg FOB

Cumin FAQ 99% Pure

November 3$1,975 per kg FOB
October 27$ 1,980 per kg FOB

Cumin FAQ 98% Pure

November 3$1,950 per kg FOB
October 27$ 1,953 per kg FOB

All the varieties of Cumin experienced a price increase on October 26 and October 27 and stayed at the same on October 28. Since the market was closed for the weekend, the traders came as a surprise as the prices dropped on November 1 and stayed the same on November 2.

It now remains to be seen how the prices will be impacted for the spice on November 8, when the market opens after Diwali.


Across the major spot markets, the prices remained steady despite limited demand across the mills and states due to the lack of transportation for the Diwali festival.

Total Arrival 

Across India, the arrival was about 377.70 tonnes during the week, with the maximum from Rajasthan standing at 193.80 tonnes. 


  • 5,800 bags of Upper-Grade Coriander arrived across the spot markets of India
  • 22,000 bags of the spice arrived in Gujarat’s markets
  • 24,500 bags were reported to have arrived in Madhya Pradesh
  • 15,000 bags of coriander were available in markets of Rajasthan
    • 3,000 bags arrived at Ramganj
    • 1,200 bags arrived at Baran
    • 500 bags arrived at Kota
    • 1000 bags arrived at Jaipur

All the bags were reported to have a weight of up to 40 kgs.

Price Charts

Coriander Eagle 5% Split

November 3$1,00 per kg FOB
October 28$1,09 per kg FOB

Coriander Eagle 100% Split

November 3$1,065 per kg FOB
October 28$1,060 per kg FOB

For both types of Coriander Eagle, the prices remained steady till November 3 after the price increased on November 1.

Coriander Single Parrot

November 3$1,39 per kg FOB
November 1$1,31 per kg FOB

Coriander Double Parrot

November 3$1,54 per kg FOB
November 1$1,46 per kg FOB

Both the types of Coriander Parrots, i.e., Single and Double, continue with the same price as they closed on the last day of October’s market and experienced a price increase on November 2.


Across India, the prices remained steady Turmeric, and there is an expectation of having a better production for the next year with the crops that are standing. However, due to heavy rainfall, the yield is expected to be lower than 2021, which can help the spice prices in the coming year.

As of this week, the prices supported the market with adequate arrival of the crop amidst steady demand.

Total Arrival 

Across India during the week, the arrival was about 731.65 tonnes, with the maximum from Tamil Nadu standing at 365.54 tonnes.

Turmeric Finger (Salem, Double Polished) (No.1)

November 3$1,145 per kg FOB
October 25$1,140 per kg FOB

 Turmeric Finger (Nizamabad, Double Polished) (Dubai Quality)

November 3$1,03 per kg FOB
October 25$1,02 per kg FOB

 Turmeric Finger (Nizamabad, Double Polished) (Europe Quality.)

November 3$1,08 per kg FOB
October 25$1,07 per kg FOB

The current turmeric prices for all three varieties increased on October 26. The carts indicate that the price increases recorded between October 25 and October 26 and November 3 are insignificant.

Red Chilli 

Despite the markets being closed for Diwali, most of the varieties retained their prices. The market is expected to fare better when traders start purchasing for completing the Bangladesh and China export orders after the market opens on November 8.

Total Arrival 

Across India, the arrival was about 405.58 tonnes during the week, with a maximum from Maharashtra standing at 216.00 tonnes. 

Bags: 110,000 bags arrived at Guntur 12,000 bags arrived at Warangal.


Dry Chilli S4 Stemless

November 3$2,010 per kg FOB
October 28$2,015 per kg FOB

Red chilli prices witnessed price increase only once last month from $2,01 per kg FOB to $2,02 per kg FOB the previous month.

Black Pepper 

There has been good demand for the price from the beginning of the week due to the festival. In addition, the crops damaged due to heavy rains in Kerala are boosting the spice price and are expected to perform well in the coming days.

Total Arrival 

Across India, the arrival was about 25.57 tonnes during the week, with the maximum from Kerala standing at 21.57 tonnes.


Black Pepper 500 GL

November 3$5,76 per kg FOB
October 27$5,75 per kg FOB

Since its price increased on November 1, the price remained steady at the same on November 2. However, Black Pepper 500 GL recorded a price increase on October 27, October 25, and October 19.

On October 2, the MG1 grade traded for $649.62 per quintal.


This week, the commodities that were impacted with a bearish trend were Peanut, Chickpea, and Cardamom, while Sesame experienced a price increase on the second day of the month.

The trend is expected to move towards a firmer market in the coming days as the spot markets will open after the Diwali festivals on November 8.

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