The Sunflower Market to See Bottom Price in Ukraine - Turkstat Reports Anticipated 14% Decline in Türkiye's Sunflower Harvest - Why Are Prices Falling in the Chinese Sunflower Market?

Why Are Prices Falling in the Chinese Sunflower Market?

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Dalian: According to exporters’ feedback, sales of Chinese sunflower kernels were slow this week, with demand at domestic food factories and bakers falling. At the same time, the production area is affected by the snowy weather, and the transportation difficulty increases. In order to reduce inventory pressure, some exporters cut prices to sell.

The picture is almost the same for sunflower seeds. However, the domestic demand increases with the export market trading volume declining. Price falls, but the price is higher than the same period last year.

Reference prices for confectionary-grade sunflower seeds this week range from $1,340 to $1,370 or €1,225 to €1,255 per ton of FOB in Dalian or Tianjin. The reference prices for bakery-grade sunflower seeds range from $1,350 to $1,380 or €1,235 to €1,265 per ton of FOB in Tianjin or Dalian.

This week, the reference price of export standard sunflower seeds 361 (200-210 / 50 g) is $1470- $1500/ton or €1,345-€1,375/ton and the reference price of 190-200/50 g is $1490- $1520/ton or €1,365-€1,390/ton.

Current Market Price in Fob Tianjin, Chinese for Sunflower Kernel

Product  NameChinese Sunflower kernel
Moisture10% max
ConfectionUSD 1340-1770/mt
BakeryUSD 1350-1380/mt
Loading17mt /20GP
Package25kg paper bag
Delivery20 days after the contract

Current Market Price, Chinese for Sunflower Seeds

Product Chinese Sunflower Seeds
Type 361
Moisture 10 % Max
Purity 99.5 % Min
Imperfect 2 % Max
Package 25kg / Plastic Bag ;
Loading 23Tons / 40GP
Delivery Within 20 days after the contract

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