Stable Prices in Chinese Pumpkin Market

Stable Prices in Chinese Pumpkin Market

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Dalian: Market participants reported that in the middle of November, the export price of Chinese pumpkin seed kernel in some producing areas fell, and the snow in Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang producing areas affected transportation.

The domestic market is supported by demand and has stable prices. It is expected that at the end of the year, farmers’ enthusiasm will rise, exporters will be willing to replenish inventory, and prices will fall.

Export volumes of organic pumpkin seeds in Europe and the United States decreased by more than 40% year-on-year, while demand in the Southeast Asian market increased.

Current Market Price in FOB Dalian, China for Pumpkin Kernel

Product  NameChinese pumpkin kernel
Moisture10% max
Package12.5×2 vacuum bag
Loading17mt /20GP
Shine skin kernel AA EU standardUSD 3570-3600/mt
Shine skin kernel A  EU standardUSD 2920-2950/mt
GWS AA     EU standardUSD 3750-3780/mt
GWS A      EU standardUSD 3560-3590/mt
NOP  Org. Shine skin kernel A AUSD 3720-3750/mt
Delivery20 days after the contract

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