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Malaysia Reduces Palm Oil Exports From 1 to 20 January

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About 566.5 thousand tons of palm oil was sold from Malaysia to foreign markets in the period from January 1 to January 20 of this year, such data was published by analysts at AmSpec Agri Malaysia in their monitoring. Compared to the same period last month, export figures decreased by 38.5% – from 921.8 thousand tons.

At the same time, according to experts, the bulk of shipments of Malaysian products fell on palm olein and crude palm oil (crude palm oil, CPO) – 206.5 thousand tons (243.4 thousand tons – December 1-20) and 99.3 thousand tons (327.9 thousand tons), respectively.

Smaller sales volumes fell on refined palm oil (71.5 thousand tons), stearin (41.6 thousand tons), crude palm kernel oil (10 thousand tons) and other products.

It is noted that this month the most active demand for Malaysian products is shown in India, China and the COUNTRIES OF THE EUROPEAN UNION.

Recall that Malaysia during 2022 gradually increased the volume of palm oil shipments abroad. According to the national COUNCIL MPOB (Malaysian Palm Oil Board), exports last year as a whole amounted to 15.7 million tons, and in the fourth quarter recorded the highest sales rates.

“In October-December 2022, Malaysia exported 4.49 million tons of oil compared to 4.02 million tons in the third quarter, 3.63 million tons in the second and 3.53 million tons in the first quarter,” the materials say.


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