Garlic to Remain Strong Until April; Here’s Why

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Garlic has no special arrival in Rajasthan, and the crop arrival is estimated to be 60% in Rajasthan. Sowing is less this year, but due to the favorable environment, the yield in garlic has been good and is estimated to be good.

Good weather, good yield in Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, more goods of bigger size will come due to the excellent environment this year. On average, garlic of size more than 35 mm will come. The old stock of garlic in Rajasthan has now turned completely blue. And due to less arrival of new garlic currently, the price will not decrease, but when more arrival comes in April, the market will drop.

The recent bad weather in Rajasthan has not affected the garlic crop, but if there is more rain now, then the garlic crop may get affected. At present, the condition of the crop is good, and the yield is expected to be more than last year.

The garlic crop in Gujarat will be only 65% this year, which means there will be a reduction of 35% in production. Garlic crop is less in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan along with Gujarat. All India expects a 30 to 40% decrease in the garlic crop this year.

No export demand, the market is based on the purchase of the stockist

When the dry goods start coming, there is a possibility of entry of stockists in garlic at that time. Stockists may become active so that the price does not see a massive fall. The new season is bullish for the garlic market. There is no export demand in the garlic market currently, and there is no possibility of its exit in the future. If the price remains high, there will not be much buying in exports. The whole market is based on the purchase of the stockist.

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