Sesame Sowing Soars in Gujarat: A Crop with Great Potential

Sesame Sowing Soars in Gujarat: A Crop with Great Potential Exponential Increase in Sesame Sowing Bodes Well for Farmers

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Good news from Gujarat has brought a ray of hope for farmers as sesame sowing experiences an astonishing surge. The latest data from the Gujarat Agriculture Department reveals a remarkable jump of over 191 percent in sesame sowing during the Kharif season. This substantial increase suggests promising prospects for farmers to generate significant income from the sesame crop shortly.

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From 5,800 ha to 16,900

According to the recent figures released by the State Agriculture Department, 16,900 hectares of land have been dedicated to sesame cultivation in Gujarat this season, and in comparison, the previous season witnessed sesame sowing on merely 5,800 hectares. This astounding surge represents an increase of 11,100 hectares or an impressive 191.37 percent rise in sesame cultivation compared to the previous season. Significantly, this surge in sesame sowing extends beyond central Gujarat, with remarkable growth observed in other major producing regions of the state. 

In Saurashtra, the latest statistics from the Gujarat Agriculture Department indicate that sesame has been sown on 10,500 hectares this season, compared to 5,500 hectares during the same period last year. This showcases an impressive rise of 5,000 hectares or 90.90 percent in sesame cultivation in Saurashtra this season.

The figures from the Gujarat Agriculture Department reveal an astonishing development in sesame sowing. Sesame cultivation has expanded to cover 5,500 hectares this season, contrasting with a mere 100 hectares planted during the same period last year. However, in central Gujarat, the situation presents a contrasting picture. The latest data from the State Agriculture Department indicates that sesame sowing has yet to commence in central Gujarat this season. Last season, sesame was sown on 200 hectares in the region during the same reporting period.

These remarkable figures highlight sesame cultivation’s tremendous potential and economic prospects in Gujarat. The substantial surge in sowing across various state regions augurs well for farmers, promising fruitful yields and significant opportunities for growth in the sesame industry.


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