The Sowing of Fennel in Gujarat Is About 26% Backward

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The sowing of fennel, like other seasonal crops, has started late compared to usual. Giving this information, the State Agriculture Department said that during the current season fennel in Gujarat has been sown on only 6600 hectares. The Agriculture Department believes that the sowing of fennel will increase in the state in the coming days.

Deficit in the sowing of Sweet Anise

There is a deficit of 2300 hectares or 25.84 percent in the sowing of the major grocery commodity- Sweet Anise. The main reason for the downfall in the sowing of fennel is that its sowing is backward in all other major growing areas of the state except Kutch.

Central Gujarat is witnessing a maximum decline of 50% in the sowing of fennel. The situation in North Gujarat is no different. The latest data from the state agriculture department shows that 2700 hectares of fennel have been sown in North Gujarat during the current season so far. In the review period of the last season, it was sown on 4500 hectares in the area. This shows that 1800 hectares have been sown under fennel in North Gujarat.

Future Scenario

A decline of 40% is being seen. The condition of Kutch is the best. According to the latest figures of the Gujarat Agriculture Department, this time also in Kutch, fennel has been sown on 200 hectares like last season. In other words, there has been no increase or decrease in the sowing of fennel in this area. Therefore, experts opine that the future of this commodity depends upon its quality and other factors. The Fennel market is expected to grow at a healthy rate due to staggering demand from millennials and emerging markets.

The Fennel seeds grade A 99 prices were recorded at $1,79 per kg FOB.

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