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Agriculture Ministers Call For “Global Food Security” The final declaration of the Berlin Conference of Agriculture Ministers called for a stronger fight against world hunger.

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After the Berlin Agriculture Ministers Conference, the most important political event of the World Food and Agriculture Forum, which is held every year as part of the International Green Week Fair, the 33-item final declaration was published.

The declaration expressed great concern about the increasing conflicts in the world, which have serious consequences on food security and nutrition, and emphasized that the Russia-Ukraine war “has caused great humanitarian suffering and exacerbated existing vulnerabilities in the global economy”.

The declaration also underlined the need to reduce high food losses by pointing to a sustainable production method in agriculture.

Sustainable, inclusive, efficient and resilient food systems

“We are committed to promoting sustainable, inclusive, efficient and resilient food systems by enabling the agriculture and food sectors to produce sustainably, adapt to new conditions, improve their ability to cope with risks, be more socially just, and recover faster and better from crises,” the final declaration of the conference said.

Emphasizing that hunger and malnutrition are already evident in regions severely affected by the climate crisis, the declaration pointed out that this increases all kinds of inequality, including conflict and forced migration.

Underlining the need to reduce volatility in the international food market and eliminate uncertainty in agricultural commodity prices, the declaration called for a stronger fight against world hunger.


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