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Chinese Adzuki Beans: Reluctant Farmers

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DALIAN: Domestic adzuki bean market traders’ spot inventory is not much. Merchants are more to adjust the sales price according to the cost of arrival. Due to the slow inventory digestion, traders have limited enthusiasm for replenishment, and low-inventory merchants choose more cost-effective goods when purchasing, which does not boost the market in producing areas. If farmers are reluctant to sell at low prices, grain merchants’ short-term acquisition costs are difficult to reduce, or temporarily support the red bean shipment price.

Current Market Price in China for adzuki beans

Product NameChinese adzuki beans
Size5.0mm up
Moisture14.5% max
Package25kg paper bag
FOB DalianUsd1700-1730/mt
Delivery25  days after signing the contract

Import/Export Statistics

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