Dalian Pumpkin Seed Market Enters Low Season Amid Falling Prices

Dalian Pumpkin Seed Market Enters Low Season Amid Falling Prices

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Summer Brings Lower Demand

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, the demand from food factories for pumpkin seed kernels in Dalian has decreased. This seasonal trend has led to a drop in prices for pumpkin seed kernels, reflecting the reduced need from manufacturers during the warmer months.

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Stable Prices for Shell-Less Pumpkin Seeds

Despite the overall decline, the prices for shell-less pumpkin seed kernels have not fluctuated significantly. The bottom of the inventory for these seeds remains stable, indicating a steady demand that cushions the price against larger drops.

Light Plate Pumpkin Seeds See Greater Price Drop

The market demand for light plate pumpkin seed kernels has resulted in a more noticeable price decline. This segment has been more affected by the seasonal reduction in purchasing activity, leading to sharper price adjustments.

Reduced Purchasing Activity

Traders in Dalian are less active in purchasing pumpkin seed kernels as the market enters its traditional low season. Producers have already begun reducing their raw material purchases in stages, aligning their operations with the anticipated quiet period ahead.

Quiet Period for Export Market

The export market for pumpkin seed kernels is also expected to enter a quiet period. This slowdown in international demand coincides with the domestic market’s seasonal decline, further impacting the overall activity in the sector.

The Dalian pumpkin seed kernel market is experiencing the typical seasonal slowdown as summer approaches. With reduced demand from food factories and traders, prices have adjusted accordingly. Stakeholders should prepare for the traditional low season and monitor inventory levels to navigate the market dynamics effectively. This period provides an opportunity to reassess strategies and plan for the upcoming high season.


Product  Name

Chinese Pumpkin Kernel

Moisture10% max
Package12.5×2 vacuum bag
Loading17mt /20GP
Shine skin kernel AA EU standardUSD 3400-3430/mt – EURO 3161-3189/mt
Shine skin kernel A  EU standardUSD 2680-2720/mt – EURO 2492-2529/mt
GWS AA EU standardUSD 3650-3680/mt – EURO 3394-3421/mt
GWS A EU standardUSD 3430-3460/mt – EURO 3189-3217/mt
NOP  Org. Shine skin kernel A AUSD 3570-3600/mt – EURO 3319-3347/mt
Delivery20 days after the contract