Increased Millet Planting Area Anticipated to Boost Autumn Output

Increased Millet Planting Area Anticipated to Boost Autumn Output

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Expanded Planting Area and Expected Output

In Dalian, the new season has seen an increase in the millet planting area, leading to expectations of a higher total autumn output. Market players are approaching this development with a cautious mindset, carefully planning their operations to navigate the anticipated changes in supply.

Active Market Participation

With the overall supply of millet deemed sufficient, both farmers and millet merchants are actively shipping their products. This activity suggests a robust market engagement despite the challenges that might arise from increased production.

Seasonal Impact on Demand

National temperatures continue to rise, pushing millet into its traditional sales off-season. Due to eating habits and storage conditions, demand typically drops during the hotter months. This seasonal decline has led to an extended inventory consumption cycle, with replenishment enthusiasm remaining low.

Export Market Challenges

The export market for millet is also facing challenges. New orders from international buyers are insufficient, resulting in some exporters halting production in phases. This reduction in export activity further compounds the seasonal downturn in the domestic market.

The Dalian millet market is poised for an increase in autumn output due to expanded planting areas. However, the market faces seasonal challenges, with lower demand and extended inventory cycles during the warmer months. Export difficulties add another layer of complexity. Stakeholders should remain vigilant and adaptable, leveraging the increased supply while managing the downturn in demand to maintain market stability.


Product Name

Chinese Hulled Millet

Moisture10% max
Package25kg paper bag
Conventional FOB DalianUSD 1230-1250/mt – EURO 1143-1162/mt
Organic     FOB DALIANUSD 1290-1320/mt – EURO 1199-1227/mt
Delivery25 days after signing the contract