Fennel Seeds Sowing is less Compared to last year in India

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Last year, Fennel was sown in 41970 hectares in Gujarat, India.

So far this year, Fennel has been sown in 21300 hectares. Last year till this date 28600 hectares area was sown.

Sowing of Fennel is 50.75% as compared to Total Sowing of Last Year and 74.05% as compared to this date of last year.

SAUF Sowing Data (in Hectares)

AreaAs on As on %  Change
Other North Gujarat54005300-1.85
Middle Gujarat900700-22.22

Price Trend

 Fennel Seeds A Grade 99%

Date Price
December 6$1,56 per kg FOB
November 1$1,53 per kg FOB

Fennel seeds demand is good in the domestic and exports market and sowing reports are indicating less crop which is supporting the prices. According to sources and traders, the market is steady and strong in India for Fennel Seeds.

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