Fennel Prices Soar as Demand Surges and Stock Shrinks - Fennel Flourishes in Gujarat's Expansive Fields

Indian Fennel: Prices Will Not Decrease

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The country’s production of fennel was estimated to be 1,374 million bags (55 kg per bag) at the meeting in Udaipur for fennel in March.

Production estimates have increased with increased production of fennel in Saurashtra in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

Indian fennel is mainly exported to China, followed by Malaysia, all Gulf countries, European countries, and America. However, India’s biggest competitor in the production of fennel is Egypt. The new crop of Egyptian fennel will come on the market in July. Currently, there is no definite report about the harvest, but in the international market, Egypt is offering a lower price of fennel than India.

There is a severe shortage of large grain quality in fennel in the current year; normally, the days of fennel demand start after August 15. However, the demand for fennel is good every year in August and September.

After August 15, there can be an increase of $0,90 to $1,03 per 20 kg in large grain fennel and the fennel price in the market. The export price will be decided after the condition of the Egyptian crop.

Despite this, there is no possibility of a slowdown in the fennel. Instead, there is every possibility of increasing the quality of exports from $ 1,60 to $1,67 per kg after August 15.